Playing with environment)

Okay, I’ve been really busy these days. School is starting in less then one week, and I still have tons of things to do. However, today I decided to give myself some rest

and open my ecosystem kit I brought from Spain.

IMG_1244.JPGI know, that looks really messy😳

It is “El Ecosistema” by Clementoni. Originally, it was bought for my lil’ cousin, but then… I just couldn’t resist! Cause it’s so cute and interesting! And it’s the only chance for my plants to survive! Unfortunately, they die too quickly😭

IMG_1246.JPGI messed up at first (just a tiny bit) and put earth instead of gravel

So, firstly, you should put in all six sections the gravel, which comes in the biggest packet. There’s some place for gravel around the green base, but the amount is too small, so instead of wasting my gravel I decorated it with the sea rocks I brought last year from Spain.


While I was filling sections with the gravel, my pressed earth was absorbing water. They recommend using 50 ml of water per one earth tablet, or whatever it’s called, but it absorbed about 40, which is more comfortable, cause there’s no 50 ml line on the measuring cup.


Then I filled all sections with earth and planted seeds^^ and then, after adding water to the ‘lake’ area, I started decorating😋


Have a nice night, or day, and stay happy, healthy and green🌱


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