Being ill

Oh, my! I’ve been sooo busy these days I had absolutely no time to write! The school has started, my extra classes have started, too. Even though some of my teachers are still having holidays, I’m already under pressure. Looks like I won’t have a lot of spare time.
Unfortunately, there aren’t any extraordinary things happening in my life which are worth to write about. Except for that I kinda stole one sunflower from my summer house. It was growing in a flower pot so I had no trouble stealing it. It’s the ‘small version’ of a sunflower and it’s already blooming!

My ecosystem experiment went very well. I would say too well. Cause I have to cut the grass every day – it’s growing really fast!

Unfortunately, I caught a cold and now I have to stay at home till next week. Which is super boring. Unless you have some interesting things to do. All I have to do is studying, cause I’ll be applying to university by the end of the school year. Want to be well-prepared.

Yesterday I was supposed to be walking in the park the whole day. Well, thanks to the cold, I stayed at home. Luckily, a few days before I had an opportunity to walk outside, so I took some photos.


I’m afraid that’s all for now.
Have a nice day and stay healthy and sunny)
P.S. I’m thinking of making onigiri^^ hope I won’t mess everything up!


I’m back

So I’m back at home, in Spain, enjoying sun and sea. Actually, I missed Calp a lot and I can’t believe I have to leave soon: I’m going to my other home for the next few months to finish high school. I’m still thinking which university I should join: I’ve chosen a university in my home town, but I really want to try studying abroad, so I’m browsing lots and lots of foreign universities’ rates and other useful stuff. My dream job is movie-maker, but my parents suggested something “more useful”, so I’m going to study advertisement first and then I will maybe take some filming courses or join filming school.

Anyways, I made lots of photos during this trip, I’m still editing them, but I decided to share some of them in the next post.

Have a nice day and stay healthy, strong and sunny!